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Struggling to find your match amongst alternative proteins?

Please meet cricket protein

The leanest & one of the most sustainable protein in the world. What else?

Collapsible content

High in protein

The average protein content per cricket is 70% - that's more protein than any other natural protein per 100g.

Not processed

vs. whey and casein

More digestible

vs. pea protein

More sustainable

vs. animal protein

Complete proteins

vs. plant-based
Contains all 9 essential amino acids 

Vertically farmed

Crickets are 2,850x more Co2 efficient than beef


Sustainable eating made easy

Saved adds cricket protein to your favourite everyday foods.

That’s right, crickets! Our European vertically farmed crickets are dried and ground into a protein powder, then blended right into our puffs. Why add crickets? To help you easily switch to sustainable proteins without compromising on taste, nutrition or the planet. Just enjoy the food you love, simply made better.

1 pack of Saved puffs equals 1 egg*

* In terms of protein equivalent


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fortified with crickets

What you say...

"I am a BIG fan, I dip them in hummus."


"These puffs are soooo moreish. I know if they were on shelves I’d impulse buy them all the time."


"The puffs were great and really filling! Black pepper tasted incredible."


"Had these as an after work snack, good flavour and texture and filling."


3 things we care about

And why we need to include insect protein into our diets

  • Overconsumption & food waste

  • Inaccessibility of novel foods

  • Climate Crisis

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